Carson Wentz reunited with Frank Reich.

On February 18th, the news was first broken about the Indianapolis Colts trading for Eagles starting Quarterback Carson Wentz. I was doubtful about the trade until I remembered Wentz's best seasons were under Frank Reich.

Reich served as the Eagles offensive coordinator from 2016–2017 and played a massive role in Wentz’s development into the star quarterback he’s seen today if we looked at Wentz’s 2017 season when he played in 13 games before getting hurt. We can truly understand the importance of the relationship that both Wentz and Reich have with one another.

During that 2017 season, Wentz would go on and have one of his best offensive years to date. He finished that season with 33 touchdowns, threw for 3,296 total yards, and was sacked the fewest times in his career (28 times.)

As a Colts fan, hearing all of this information brings hope that this is what we need to become a real contender. With the fact that the Colts already have what Wentz didn’t have in Phillidelphia, an offensive line. Over the 2019 season, the Colts line only allowed a total of 18 sacks, the fewest in the entire league. The next closest was the Saints at 20 sacks.

While there are still many questions about Wentz and his ability to be a starter, the most prominent one was his 2020 season, just mental struggles or physical struggles, as well as if the offensive line and new receiving core are all Wentz’s needs to return to his 2017 self or if that was just a fluke season. Only time will tell us the answers.

However, I am hopeful that all Wentz needed was a change of scenery and will return to his 2017 form at some point duirng his time with the Colts.



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