Diamondbacks give an offensive display in 7–8 loss

Diamondbacks set the bats on fire with an excellent display of power on Opening Day loss to the San Diego Padres.

Even though the Diamondbacks lost, it should give Dbacks fans hope. It all started with Diamondbacks outfielder Ketal Marte who scored the game's first run thanks to an Asdrubal Cabrera single.

Then after that, it was a quiet game for the Dbacks until the 6th inning rolled around, and then the offense exploded out of the gate when the team scored 6 runs as well as 4 home runs.


It all started in the top of the 5th inning Ketel Marte came through again for the team with his first home run of the year, making it a 6–2 deficit for the D-backs.

A couple of batters later, Cabrera with a runner on a hit a towering 2 run homer, making it a 6–4 deficit. Then the same luck struck the D-backs two batters later when outfielder Tim Locastro belted another 2 run homer tieing the game at 6. Then the next batter, veteran catcher Stephen Vogt belted the fourth home run of the inning.

It was such a tremendous display of the potential that this Diamondback lineup has. I mean, with the 4–5 day that Marte had to the sheer offensive dominance that and potential that this team has in its lineup.

Before the Diamondback fans could relax and enjoy the victory, the Padres struck back and tied it quickly thanks to an Eric Hosmer single which plated Padres outfielder Tommy Pham which tied the game in the bottom of the 6th. In the following inning, Jurickson Profar plated Jake Cronenworth via a sacrifice fly to take an 8–7 lead.

Even though it wasn’t the result that the Diamondbacks were hoping for, especially when you are able to put up six runs, otherwise known as a “crooked inning.” When you’re able to put up an inning like that, you expect to win the game; however, sometimes, it just doesn’t work in your favor.

But still, if your a Diamondbacks fan, even though it wasn’t the result that you are hoping for, you still have to love the aggression that your team showed with the bats. It’s a great showing display for your fans to let them know, hey we are here to compete and be a strong contending team in the National League West and still make the postseason, no matter if it's by winning the division or via wildcard.

Overall, I think this team will surprise a lot of people in the NL West if this performance is any indication of how the offense will be for this team. If I had to give my prediction of this team, I think that this will be one of the top teams in the entire league.

While watching this game, I couldn’t help but think to myself; this could easily be a vital postseason matchup to determine who will come out of the West. I think this team will surprise a lot of people throughout the 2021 season.



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