My Thoughts on Who should make in the Hall on the 2022 Baseball ballot

Andrew Fox
5 min readJan 25, 2022


With the announcement of who will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame today, I wanted to give my thoughts on who I think should be in the hall of fame.

1. Andruw Jones (5th year)

I think that the Braves icon should be voted into the hall this time around. With Jones proving year after year that he was an excellent defender by winning 10 Gold Gloves (1998–2007). Jones also held the third-best WAR (57.6 per baseball-reference) from 1998–2007 with just Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez posting better WARs. During the same 10 year stretch, he gave the Braves line up 25+ home runs plus a league-leading 51 in 2005. As well as getting All-Star nods 5 times during that stretch (2000, 2002–2003, 2005–2006).

While Jones did decline rather rapidly once he turned 30 I still think he should be inducted into the hall. Cause if you look at his prime and the position that he played he was absolutely dominant. With what he accomplished he was only the third center fielder to win 10 consecutive gold glove awards the other two being Ken Griffey Jr. and Willie Mays.

2. Mark Teixeira (1st year)

Teixeira is only the first of a couple of first-year ballot players I think should make it into the Hall of Fame. Teixeira was an absolute threat at the plate with a bat in his hand but unlike most power threats he also had a keen eye at the plate. Mark had eight different seasons in which he slugged 30 plus home runs and drove in 100 or more runs. Including his 2009 season in which he lead the American League in home runs at 39 and RBI’s at 122. As well as going on to win the 2009 World Series. As well as racking up the only silver slugger award of his career during his 2009 campaign.

But not only was he an excellent hitter, he was also an amazing defender at first base with a career fielding percentage of .996, and tacking along five gold gloves throughout his career. Teixeira also has 88 fielding runs which put him fourth all-time amongst first basemen.

3. David Ortiz (1st year)

I don’t think that David Ortiz needs much explanation as to why he should be in the Hall of Fame but that’s just my opinion. David Ortiz was by far one of the most feared hitters during his career by racking up seven silver slugger awards along with 10 All-Star appearances. For someone who is a primary designated hitter, this is for sure a feat to accomplish. Not only do I think his accolades alone get him in but he’s also racked up a total of 541 home runs during his career which is a for sure way to get into the hall of fame.

Plus, we can’t talk about David Ortiz without mentioning his three World Series titles (2004, 2007, 2013). Along with his World Series MVP award, he got in his last World Series in 2013 in which Ortiz put up outrageous numbers (.688/.760/1.188).

4. Billy Wagner ( 7th year)

Billy Wagner is the only pitcher that I see getting into the Hall of Fame this year. Personally, I just don’t see Clemens or Schilling getting in this year. In this ballot I just can’t think of a lights out reliever than Wagner. Plus, when looking at Wagner’s numbers compared to other Hall of fame relievers Wagner has the best opponent’s batting average, K/9 and second best in WHIP, ERA+, and ERA only to the great Mariano Rivera.

While Wagner may not have the innings compared to some of the other relievers for example hall of famer Trevor Hoffman averaged 60 innings a season while Wagner averaged only 56 innings a season. It’s really only four more appearances that Hoffman had over Wagner. But throughout his 16 year career Wagner was one of the most elite arms to ever come out of the bullpen. Plus when you look at the numbers out of pitchers who threw at least 800 innings Wagner’s strike out rate of 33.2 percent of all batters faced is the highest in history by a good margin as well.

5. Bobby Abreu (3rd year)

When looking at Bobby’s stats it’s easy to think that he shouldn’t be able to make it into the Hall of Fame. However, if you actually dig into it he’s got a stronger case then we’re all giving him. When we look at how often he was able to get on base safely it’s more times than Tony Gwynn. Abreu also had twice as many homers, as well as more doubles than Gwynn. Plus Abreu is one of only six players ever to hit 250 home runs and steal 400 bases in their career.

Plus from 1998–2009 no body played in more games than Bobby who played in 1,877. He finished second in walks and doubles behind Barry bonds in walks and Todd Helton in doubles. Plus he was a threat in the lineup day after day no matter what uniform he wore. While an argument could be about him not getting in cause of his defense I think that point is mute compared to all of his offensive numbers.

Well those are the players I would vote into the Hall of Fame if I were able to vote, and why I think they should get into the Hall of Fame.



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