Warzone is a year old; let's talk about it.

Andrew Fox
2 min readMar 11, 2021


Call of Duty’s battle royal mode Warzone has officially been around for a year. However, its current state makes the game completely unplayable.

Warzone launch image

When Warzone first launched in March of 2020, it was just in time to save the Call of Duty (COD) franchise. Players were thrilled to get a new game and new experiences finally! The 150 player battle royal was the second battle royal installment by the Call of Duty franchise, and it was significantly better than the previous attempt, Blackout.

COD’s previous attempt at a battle royal game named Blackout

Warzone, which was free-to-play for everyone on every platform, quickly rose to popularity with a fast-paced, fun experience that left the player wanting to return again and again. Players were trying to figure out the best way to play Warzone. You could play it however you wanted, and it felt so freeing.

Warzone official Trailer

However, this quickly changed thanks to certain weapons being completely overpowered or “meta.” With some of the most game-breaking “meta” being in the past six months.

With the broken metas and the uproar in cheaters, and lack of anti-cheat software, players have gone in complete outrage at the $8 billion game. People are furious at the developers because they can’t even play the game without wondering if they were killed by an actual hacker or a skilled player.

When we look at the downfall that Warzone is currently in, it’s easy to say it the cheaters/hackers. Still, I think it falls more on the developers when they “change the meta” all they do from a casual player's perspective is break another gun and make it extremely overpowered. Then everyone uses it, and the cycle repeats itself again and again. So the casual player like myself can’t just hop on with some friends and have a good time; you constantly have to be try harding.

Playing all out all the time or “sweating” ruins the experience for the casual player. All of these problems are showing in the total number of players on the game.

Out of the 80 million players who have the game downloaded, there are between only 200–300 thousand players playing at once, significantly fewer than before.

Hopefully, with all of the losses in revenue and players not playing the game, we can finally have the game return to the state it was when the game dropped.



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